Frank Eckard graduated from the University of Natal with a B.Sc. (Mech) Eng, and then completed his engineering training on the gold mines obtaining his Pr. Eng. and Cert Eng. He studied further to obtain a Diploma in Business Admin and also a Certificate in Filtration.

He joined the Fram / GUD group as a project engineer, and soon was involved in Industrial Filtration. Here he grew the Filpro Industrial Division to be market leader is several areas. Through research in the laboratory, he gained a thorough engineering knowledge of filtration.

He established Filtration Engineering in 1997 to focus on the separation of water from oils and fuels, and to attend to the specialised needs of his customers.

Frank is also very active in sport flying having represented South Africa at 17 World Championship events, and is now chairman of the Rally Sub-Committee of the General Aviation Commission, which is the Power Flying Section of the Fédération Aéronautique Internationale.

Frank Eckard

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